Vetting One Nation candidates with Sam Dastyari

After spending a few months in exile Labor’s Sam Dastyari is rebuilding his profile through social media – and Pauline Hanson.


With his tongue firmly in his cheek, Labor’s new deputy whip in the Upper House has vetted One Nation candidates ahead of Saturday’s WA state election.  

Titled ‘Oddest One Out’, the senator requested the audience pick which character isn’t actually sanctioned by Pauline Hanson herself. (Spoiler: they all are.)


He started with Rozane Bezuidenhout, who reportedly backs a separate state for white people in South Africa.

“She’s an actor, model [and] a dancer… what we in the business call a ‘triple threat’,” Senator Dastyari joked in the video.

Next up: church pastor, Lawrence Shave, who famously took to Facebook to advertise for “bikini baristas”.

“[He] hunts for Russian brides on the internet, and believes he can not only cure cancer but also homosexuality,” Senator Dastyari editorialised.

Michelle Meyers gets a mention – an endorsed One Nation candidate who claimed the gay community used Nazi-style mind control to gain support among the public.

Senator Dastyari took aim at David Archibald, who claimed that women are “too lazy to attract and hold a mate” in a 2015 Quadrant article.

Sam Dastyari goes after David Archibald.SBS

“This is the bloke who’s going on about other people’s appearances,” Senator Dastyari said.  

Next was Richard Eldridge, who “attacked ‘poofters’ black people and Muslims on a now deactivated Twitter account,” according to the Senator.

Senator Dastyari ended his piece by highlighting Cameron Bartkowski, who came under fire after the contents of his social media account were revealed.

“Some of his Facebook likes included ‘hot booty’, ‘world class babes’, ‘hot girls worldwide’,” Senator Dastyari said.

“So which out of those six is a phony? None.”

“They’re all actual real people that Pauline Hanson has used the Senate to argue have the type of values and principles that Australia needs,” he ended on.

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